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Sadaf Asad – Healing with Meals

By Pirah Aijaz Fempreneur aims to showcase women leaders, entrepreneurs and freelancers from around the world. It aims to highlight success stories of women, breaking glass ceilings to inspire and motivate young, aspiring, entrepreneurs and freelancers. In this regard, Fempreneur approached Sadaf Asad to share about her business venture, achievements, and challenges faced by her.…

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Tips for Organic Marketing

As businesses are going online, the strategies and techniques for marketing have also changed. Many people are in search of the best marketing approach for their business nowadays.  Organic and Paid marketing are methods often used for marketing. So, why should you choose Organic marketing? Organic marketing is a cost-efficient strategy for promoting your business in the market.…

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Preparing for an interview

Preparing for an interview means making an effort to consider your objectives and abilities in relation to the position and the employer. To do this, you must research the company/ organization and carefully probe the expected job descriptions to figure out why you would be a good candidate for this particular profession. One way, to deliver…

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How to choose the right VA for your business

There are countless activities in every business. Managing all the activities and tasks alone could overwhelm any business owner which results in low productivity levels. However, this problem can be easily resolved.  What does a virtual assistant mean? Virtual assistants are highly skilled and qualified distant/remote workers who provide services ranging from accounting, administration to…

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