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How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn in 2022

Today, an individual’s physical certificates might not be of as much importance as his/her digital portfolio. Gone are the days when a person had to print out a resume and carry it from company to company in order to land a successful job or a great deal. Nowadays, your social portfolio is your ultimate brand.

Social media portfolios are here to stay in 2022. Employers, investors, and clients/customers regularly use social media to look for people to hire, for companies to fund, and for brands to buy from. When talking about professional social media sites, LinkedIn is the most important one; it is a platform full of golden opportunities for those who know what they’re doing. Currently, the platform has 690+ million users. Out of approximately 2 billion young adults in the world, 87 million of them are active on LinkedIn. (Source: Findstack)

Therefore, it is a platform that can bring you unlimited benefits, if used correctly. In this article, we have compiled different tips and proven strategies that will enable you to get the most juice out of LinkedIn this year.

Let’s explore each of them:

Build & Maintain an Attractive Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is your digital cover letter. Hence, it is necessary to keep it updated and showcase all the relevant information here.
Here are some basic tips for building an excellent LinkedIn profile:

  • Choose the right photo for your profile. It should be professional-looking and of high quality, ideally with a clear background.
  • Your job title (example: Project manager at xyz company) should be your headline.
  • Include your experience years, skills, current professional position, past achievements, relevant hobbies, and interests in your LinkedIn summary. If you are a job seeker or a freelancer looking for clients, you may also include the type of work/job that you’re searching for.
  • Display some of your best work in the “featured” section of your profile. Here, you can also attach links from your website or other platforms – wherever you want your profile reader to visit.
  • Write the content for your profile in 1st person narrative. For example, you may write the line “I offer digital marketing services” instead of “Maria Cornell offers digital marketing services”. Talk directly to your reader for better engagement.
  • Ask your colleagues/employers/clients to leave testimonials on your profile, as well as endorsements.

Additionally, if you go to your current profile, you can see your current “profile strength” measurement. This measurement depends upon how much of your profile you’ve filled out. Make sure that you fully complete your profile to attain an “All-Star” strength measurement. This will also boost your chances of getting found by other people.

Mind Your Keywords

Make sure that you incorporate relevant keywords to your LinkedIn profile in order to increase its chances of being discovered.

For example, if you are a digital marketer, you may use the following important keywords when completing your profile:

  • Google Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • PPC
  • Organic traffic

And so on.

Keep Posting & Engaging

On LinkedIn, publishing quality content and staying active are all that really matter. Put out content of your audience’s interest regularly. Engage with your community in the comment section and leave comments on other people’s posts as well. When writing up a post, make sure that you divide it into small paragraphs (2-3 lines maximum per paragraph) for better readability.

Posting images and carousels can also help boost your audience engagement levels, as social media users are more attracted by visuals as compared to plain text.
Moreover, remember to regularly send out connection requests to people who might be beneficial to your career, and accept requests from such people to grow your connection list and build the right type of audience around your brand.

Edit Out Your Profile URL

Your LinkedIn profile has a default URL, and you can easily customize it to make it more relevant and simple. To do that, go to your LinkedIn profile and you’ll notice an option saying “edit your public LinkedIn URL”. Click on that to make your URL more organized and to the point.

LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform, and when used smartly, it can yield exceptional results for you and your brand image.
Best of luck!

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