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Sanso – A Story of Perseverance

By: Pirah Aijaz

Especially for women, the technology industry has been an extremely difficult and challenging profession, but Mrs. Sobia Haroon Khan has proven that if you have a passion for something, you can achieve amazing things. That's what sets her apart from the rest.

Mrs. Sobia, is the Vice President of SANSO Technologies and a Software Engineer. Having expertise of Software and Hardware Engineering, Graphics Designing, Architecture Designing, Database Management, and managing different departments of SANSO & R&D

She serves as an inspiration for women, who want to pursue a career in the field of Technology. She has preserved over the years and brought SANSO to new heights.

1- Tell us a bit about yourself, your academic background, and how did you get started with it?

I am a software engineer and a university topper. I am a Java and Oracle expert as well as a Graphic designer. I started out with my passion in Technology with the belief that we can do wonders through it.

2- SANSO TECHNOLOGIES is the EU based R&D, Designing and Production company. What motivated you to start your tech company?

During my studies, I got engaged and I came to know that my Fiancé is the Founder of SANSO. He has been my Mentor who taught and trained me in various aspects of the business. He has always been my support. Together, we are blessed to have created a company which has a global presence.

3- Who are your biggest competitors and how do you differentiate yourself from them?

If you see Sanso's growth, you would see it started with a very small step, but it has now secured 40% EU shares and won numerous milestones and competes with the likes of Oppo, Apple, Samsung in EU when it comes to Smartphones and Telecommunication Equipment and services.

The reason being that R&D is our core focus. SANSO works within its own R&D centers and its own production facility and departments equipped with cutting edge technology. It has experts which are need of the market and create market for those products and techs which aren't even thought of. So we feel we are different from our competitors because of our in-depth working in R&D to make technology available to everyone in lowest prices but without compromising on quality.

We create user friendly tech to ease people’s load. We have no motive to control and so we give utmost importance to data privacy. SANSO has been endorsed by cyber security agencies and EU GDPR because of the high level of security it provides.

4- What are the challenges you faced during the launch of your company?

We, of course faced criticism, being a small Company in the beginning, backlash on low funds and no team, huge backlash due to non-Chinese ventures and to be one of our kind. Then hurdles by government segments in license approvals, as well as no other OEM/ODM was willing to produce products for SANSO, but somehow, we managed and proceeded gradually and created our own manufacturing facility in Germany. Later, we faced market blackout by traders as they were influenced by many big brands, the only support we got was and is from our buyers and users, which created huge demand and supply environment and then distributors had to come to SANSO to fill the gap.

5- Could you please tell us what does failure mean to you?

If I see Sanso's journey which was full of rejections, failures, losses and then success, it was a rollercoaster. My husband who has always inspired me, says one thing, there is ‘no such thing as Failure’, its actually experience and experience makes you successful. I second that too, so for me - There is no Failure, only experiences which can be used as a ladder towards perfection and success with maturity.

6- What has been your most significant achievement so far?

Being a VP and looking after R&D segments and team, I feel proud that I designed Sanso H1Pro 3D(5G) variants as well as designed hardware security which led to Asian, European award-winning techs among Apple and others.

7- Sanso Technologies is globally recognized, award-winning tech company. Could you please tell us what does success look like after winning global recognition?

It feels like a huge responsibility, a trust to be taken care of and to be delivered back to the Consumer with more innovative solutions and products for them. We feel accountable.

8- In what ways can technology inspire women to embrace it?

It gives you wings to touch the sky, to reach heights you aspire to. It depends, a lot on how much risk you are ready to take.
Believe in yourself and produce solutions or design products that can make a difference and stand out as daily gadgets but innovative, cost effective, classy and secure to use, for the end user.

9- What do you think of Sanso Technologies as a life changing decision for you?

It gave me a chance to explore more of my expertise and gave me an identity and confidence. I realized, that through Sanso, I can make a difference in the Tech Industry.

10- It gave me a chance to explore more of my expertise and gave me an identity and confidence. I realized, that through Sanso, I can make a difference in the Tech Industry.

In Next 10 years, we see SANSO as a leading Tech Giant, opening up more job opportunities, in Technology. He hope to make it to the top 2 list, globally. My advice to all women out there is, “not to give up on your dreams, never feel down, just give it a try, if there is no one to motivate or support you, be a motivation for yourself and others. Never wait for opportunities, if there are none, create them, utilize them and spread them”.

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  • Anum khan
    Posted June 18, 2022 at 6:45 pm

    Proud of you… ♥️

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