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Beautiful Story Fempreneur

“Dare to dream… and dream BIG, if you must.”

Founder’s Message

Fempreneur, was conceived from the idea of supporting women working from home and involved in the ‘cottage industry’; to highlight their contribution to the economy and society at large. The Fempreneur team works passionately, in creating awareness and promoting an ‘abundant’ mindset, where women are preached that if one of us thrives, we all thrive.

The struggles of working women, everywhere is the same, balancing between personal life and work life. Often, there is a bias that working women prioritize work over personal relationships – Fempreneur, aims to break this ‘stereotype’. It aims to provide women with a platform that supports them unconditionally, without judgment.


Our Mission

To provide a supportive network to working women around the world, connect them to remote working opportunities. Create awareness on factors.

Our Vision

Working towards a more ‘inclusive’ world with more women contributing to the world economy.


Our Way to Progress

Gender Equality/Inclusion

Fempreneur sets the Standards of giving Equal Rights among the Genders.


Empowering women to unleash their potential by highlighting their talents.


Fempreneur believes, that more women at work means, more of their contribution to the economy.


supporting women in the quest to fulfill their ambitions.


Core Values

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Our Community
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In Inclusive World is a Better World

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