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Content Writer

Faiza Akhtar


Years of Experience: 2 Years

Faiza Akhtar is a Content Writer and has experience in Education and Management. She is passionate about Expression, Personal Growth, and Social Wellbeing. She is a positive force in the workplace, a team player, and a reading enthusiast. She has a BBIT (Hons) degree from Westcoast University (2009). She has taught undergraduate students for a period of 4 years for the University of Derby at an Institute (Riyadh) and assumed a Managerial Position in the 5th year of her professional term. She has been granted Achievement Certificates throughout her career from all her past employers. She has acquired Certifications in SEO Content Writing, Makeup, Clean-touch practices (SOPs for Makeup artists), and Freelancing. She has also undertaken Content Writing Projects for various international companies, SMEs and delivered them successfully.

Services Offered:  SEO Optimized Content Writing | Blogging | Content for Social Media | Editing/Proofreading | Documentation and Communication-related services

Address: Dammam, Saudi Arabia

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