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Hina Fatima


Hina is the Founder of ‘Hope Revival’. She is a Mental Health Practitioner and a Life Coach.

She has done MS in Clinical Psychology - completed an NLP course and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy course (REBT) in order to help those who need Personal Development and belief reprogramming.

She initiated, an E-counseling Services Platform for those who need a safe place to discuss their Psychological Problems and need Expert Advice for their Life Problems. 

This platform, also provides Dream Interpretations and consists of a whole panel of Psychologists. The mission of Hope Revival is to prioritize Mental Health

One more project of Hope Revival is to provide Emotional Support and Legal Support to Single Mothers. Hina and her team’s mission is, to make the platform accessible to those who are unaware of their mental issues and need help.

Phone: +13313157275
Address: Illinois U.S.A

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