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Aliyah Mohyeddin

Unleash Your Potential with Aliyah Mohyuddin

Aliyah Mohyeddin is an entrepreneur and an NLP Master trainer who manages Dynamic Communications Consulting Company through which she has touched the lives of thousands of people. She is known for her ability to transform the lives of others to reach their true potential and become successful at what they do. She is a woman with a strong sense of innovation and creativity who sets an example.

She believes in the power of coaching, guiding, and empowering others. Through her one-to-one and group coaching sessions, she has helped people ‘build’ themselves from broken to the whole – by creating in them self-awareness, so they can work on self-improvement. She creates a safe space for clients to explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. She truly cares about each client’s journey and wants them to leave with a greater sense of self-worth.

Aliyah Mohyeddin is an inspiration to many and we are honored to feature her in our “Women Who Inspire” series to learn more about her journey, challenges, and achievements. 

So, let’s meet her!! 

Could you please tell us how did you start your entrepreneurial journey?

I was at a period in my life where I had lost meaning and purpose. I felt my life was superfluous and meaningless. And I felt very lost and in a lot of pain. I was living in Australia at the time and in my search to help myself I was introduced to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) as I initially hesitantly tipped-toed into it and then dived in, and it completely transformed my life. As I started my coaching practice, I realized I was also helping others transform their lives and as my practice grew, I started innovating and growing and eventually set up my company Dynamic Communications Consulting. Today DCC is a smart company with a global footprint and impact and I am a member of the Global NLP Leadership Summit.

Dynamic Communications Consulting offers individual programs and organizational programs that focus on enabling people and companies to access their own excellence and to be able to live the life they desire, work smarter and achieve goals and success more effectively.

Our key functions are our flagship NLP trainings, one-to-one coaching, leadership development, and team development programs.

We are all born with unique capabilities; many of us lose connection with them through our lives. We help people to reconnect with their strengths and dreams and live a life of purpose and meaningfulness, joy, and fulfillment. We also help people become better leaders, more successful at what they are doing, and enhance and enable their career goals and professional success.

Our mantra is “Creating Excellence through Transformation”.

What motivated you to become an NLP Master Trainer?

I realized how much NLP transformed my life and the immensely positive impact it can have in any and all areas of our lives, be it work, relationships, or life itself. Through my own coaching and programs, I have been able to help transform the lives and outcomes of many people. At the end of the day though, one person can only do so much. By becoming an NLP Master Trainer, I train NLP Master Practitioners to become trainers themselves. This way we are able to create many more positive ripples in the world.

I am a big believer in “be the change you want to see” and NLP enables us to create those positive changes and ripples.

What challenges did you face while establishing your career and how did you overcome them?

When I first started, I had very little belief or confidence in myself; I was totally financially dependent on my husband and had a lot of limiting beliefs around my capability of earning money. I was also totally unclear on how I was going to move forward or create anything.

It was easy to give up and I did many times, but my trainer and my coach kept mentoring me and putting that one foot in front of the other every day, small actions that would take me forward.

They helped me create goals and a big picture of what I wanted and even what my organization would be about. I fell into the trap most people starting out do, which is that once we set our goals, we want the entire goal in the present moment. So, if we take some actions and we don’t end up where our goal is, we give up.

The truth though is that our goals and dreams are a journey. If we continue to take small steps consistently, we WILL eventually achieve our goals, and even more than that the journey is about who we become on that journey.

The real truth about our goals is the journey of becoming better versions of ourselves, the versions who can achieve that goal. This does not happen overnight or in a few short weeks. So, tenacity, persistence, consistency perseverance, and eventually motivation, ambition, and belief in self will get you there. And at the same time having a model of excellence, you can learn from.

So many! As I said I started off with very low belief and confidence in myself. Along the way, setting up my company in Australia was a major milestone; becoming an NLP Trainer and conducting NLP practitioner and master practitioners in Australia was a milestone and eventually becoming an NLP master Trainer was a major milestone.

Moving to Pakistan in 2017 was a milestone because being here, opened up the Pakistani market for me and it also opened up the rest of the world for me and my company. Being invited to be the international ambassador for ANLP (Association of NLP) for this region, being invited to the Global NLP summit as an emerging global leader in NLP.

Dynamic communications consulting is being invited to be a training vendor for some of the biggest companies in Pakistan as well as some multinational overseas.

What are you most obsessed with?

In helping people connect to their own excellence and magnificence. It is the BIGGEST joy when I see people in our training start falling in love with themselves again, to see the sparkle in their eyes and the excitement reignited in them. In spite of doing this for well over a decade I can never tire of it, it still creates the same joy, excitement, and fulfillment in me. So, I’m obsessed with helping people find their purpose and passion for their lives.

What is the greatest lesson that you learned from being an entrepreneur?

That the buck stops with me. I am responsible for my success and my company’s success. Things can fall apart; curve balls will come (because they are our learning curves) and it is my responsibility to step up and find a way.

Success is not a straight line and in fact, the challenge we face (and there are innumerable) are opportunities for growth and development. Those challenges as you face them and step up are what will enable your continuous growth. They are actually gifts from the universe for your development.

Our NLP trainings. They are always so dynamic and every training, while the content is the same, is different because of the people in the room. Each training has its own unique flavor because of the stories and experiences and energies the cohort brings into the room.

What’s your long-term vision with Dynamic Communications?

My dream and goal for Dynamic Communications Consulting is that it will continue to grow and thrive well beyond me. We are already having a global impact with people from around the world signing up for our trainings.

Inshallah DCC will be known around the world as a leading provider of NLP trainings and other high-quality trainings. My desire also is that we are a bridge for exporting high-quality services and trainings from Pakistan to the rest of the world. To be recognized as an organization creating excellence and Pakistan being recognized for it as well.

What message will you like to leave, for women aspiring to enter the consulting industry?

Success is in consistency and perseverance. Success is not a straight line and it doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t be afraid of rejection as there is no failure only feedback. So, if you keep learning taking feedback from unsuccessful endeavors, and applying them to what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, you will start the journey toward your goals.

There’s no shortcut to success but what can speed up the process is to have models of– people who have achieved what you desire and model them, do what they did and you’ll also get there. So, find your models of excellence.

Also, the quality of our thoughts, actions, and outcomes is the average of the people we spend the most time with. So, notice who you are spending the most time with. Are they enabling higher-quality thoughts, conversations, and actions? Or are they all whining complaining and being victims? Create for yourself a tribe of like-minded women where you all support each other.

When women support women, we can create magic beyond our collective dreams.

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