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What recruiters look for in a Candidate?

Job seekers walk into interviews with the mindset of receiving a job offer based on their experience, skills, and qualifications. However, recruiters are more interested in learning about a candidate’s dedication and competence to the job as well as his/her overall behavior and attitude. Recruiters tend to give job offers to those who are interested, optimistic, eager to learn and show promise of adding value to the company with their ideas.

What recruiters look for in a Candidate?

Let’s talk about what recruiters look for from the applicant!

Learn about the company

This is an important aspect before applying to a company. The candidate should make sure to research the company by visiting their website, and social media pages and even try to look at the recruiter’s and the company’s CEO’s LinkedIn Profile. You could further impress the recruiter by sharing your knowledge on related company case studies or research based on the nature of the company.

Body Language

In an in-person or virtual interview, appearance and body language create the first impression. Outwardly, exhibit a relaxed yet alert attitude in addition to cleanliness and order. If necessary, gesture with hands and maintain eye contact.


Skills and experience are attributes that a recruiter looks for but are not always sufficient. When a candidate is interviewed for a management position, employers want to ensure that the candidate has the skills necessary to be a leader. Candidates must show that they are capable enough to handle and hold on to a difficult situation.

Be Confident

Believe in yourself and do what you’re supposed to do. As you learn from others, let your interviewer know you know your worth and how excited you are to share it.

Being a Problem-solving Person

Interviewers are looking for candidates who can resolve problems with ease. Tell stories of past accomplishments, be it your personal life, past work circumstances, or learning. Remember and share your achievements in your work or personal life.

Fast Learner

In today’s world, jobs and industries are advancing rapidly and employees need to be able to adapt. The hiring manager is looking for a fast-paced learner who can easily acquire new skills. They want the job to be cared for on a need-to-know basis.


Employers are looking for candidates that resonate with communicators, especially in the marketing industry. How can a recruiter expect a candidate to fill a position if he or she cannot share experiences or communicate in general? Effective written and oral expression is essential and can help a recruiter see you as a leading candidate.


Being yourself is extremely important. As part of the interview process, your interviewer should get an idea of who you are as an individual to determine if you will be part of your potential team and the business culture. The interview is an opportunity to show your best self, not an opportunity to play a role in securing employment.


The ability to respond to new situations with ease and success is assessed by employers using behavioral questions, which ask you how you handled situations in the past.

Prepare your job experience stories well, and you’ll present yourself as someone who rises to the occasion without imposing rigidity on the situation.


Respecting the interviewer’s time can do wonders for a candidate’s image during the hiring process. Occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances, this may not be possible. If you want to impress a recruiter or hiring manager, you must be punctual throughout the hiring process, from phone calls to in-person interviews.

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