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Ayesha Muzammil

Ayesha Muzammil ( CEO Of Fitness Studio) Self-defense trainer

Ayesha Muzammil is an entrepreneur who runs her own fitness studio. Her specialties include fitness and self-defense. She is a fitness expert and self-defense consultant. Here you will be amazed to know that she is the first female Muslim Ambassador from Canada for special children taekwondo.

Additionally, Ayesha has worked as a visiting faculty with various Educational Institutions such as; LGS, NGS, LACAS, Beaconhouse, Scills Spirit, Alifya Early Years and Fitness Gyms, Shapes, Fitness with Farzeen, Urban Athlete, Corporate Trainer at Metro Cash and Carry, Siemens, Datics Al, Intergrade Benefits. She has also worked with National Bank Pakistan and has extensive experience working with celebrities as a fitness expert. Among her many accolades, she has been invited to speak at various forums and received the African National Summit Mentorship Award. She is also the first Pakistani female author of a self-defense book.

We at Fempreneur are delighted to feature her as a part of our “Women Who Inspire” series to know more about her journey. So let’s meet her!

Hi Ayesha Muzammil! Could you please tell us about yourself and your academic background?

I was born in Doha, Qatar where I studied till intermediate, and then I moved to Pakistan for my higher education. After intermediate, I got married. Later, I resumed my studies after 14 years, and from Canada, I earned a diploma in Special Needs People Martial Arts. As a passionate learner, I didn’t stop learning and took some crash courses including Web Development, Social Media Marketing, and Content Writing, and also learned the Chinese language to enhance my knowledge and skills in the digital world.

In the beginning, I started with different well-known schools and I felt a gap between training and need. I realized that we are teaching our students the international syllabus of Self-defense, which is five years long. In addition, a lot of students did not reach the green belt, so I decided to shorten the course in terms of basic parameters, which would help you learn the actual Self-defense strategy to keep yourself safe. Schools and institutions have their own policies, so if we follow them strictly, we can’t teach them the stuff we want to teach them. I created my institute “Fitness Studio” as the world’s first online Self-defense School so anyone can attend it both in-person on campus and online.

In your extensive career, what has been the greatest lesson you learned?

I learned it doesn’t matter whether you start your journey alone, you need to believe in yourself. Set your vision, mission, and goals, and work harder to achieve them. You will become successful once you do it.

What challenges did you face while establishing your career and how did you overcome them?

My biggest challenge was convincing my parents to let me begin my Self-defense career. It was hard to get them to understand how important it is for girls. Another challenge was changing the mindsets of people who don’t understand the importance of self-defense learning. It is important for parents to allow their daughters to learn such skills if they wish to protect them from domestic violence. Having male competitors in an overwhelmingly male-oriented society poses a problem to our growth. This was another challenge that I accepted. The challenge sparked my career as a master trainer and self-help consultant.

When I started my career as a Corporate Fitness Trainer, I realized that we need lots of Corporate Fitness Trainers in the technology industry because of the workload in every corporate sector. That’s why employees get tired and they don’t find time for their health and mental well-being. The lack of time they devote to their health and mental well-being affects their productivity. They don’t know how to make themselves active and fit during working hours. Due to their busy schedule, they don’t follow a daily workout regime. This motivated me to prepare quick and crisp workout plans which make them productive for their organizations.

What is your biggest achievement in your entrepreneurial career?

In a male-oriented society, there are fewer female Self-defense trainers and consultants. During my entrepreneurial career, acceptance of being a female Self-defense trainer and consultant is my biggest achievement. Gradually, people started praising me and they acknowledged my work. Some organizations approached me to deliver awareness sessions on “Understanding the Importance of Self-defense Learning for Girls”. This is another great achievement for me that I make a difference in society by changing the minds of people.

What is your obsession?

For various reasons, I am obsessed with the idea of forming a chain of females in rural areas to spread the word by teaching other girls how to be safe in their surroundings. Remember, your family is not responsible for protecting you everywhere. Currently, I’m working on different Self-defense strategies and equipment girls need at all times to protect themselves.

For me, success is inner satisfaction. Whatever you do, make sure you do it with passion. If you are doing everything right, you will be satisfied inside.

Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

In the next three years, I want to see myself as a Self-defense ambassador of Pakistan for a Safe State for everyone. Also, I want to see myself at national and international forums as a Self-defense trainer and consultant & safe strategy maker for the environment.

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