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Marium Madhupurwala


Tete a Tete with Mariam Madhupurwala (Founder of Cloud9 Investments – A real estate company that helps you in finding you your dream home which helps in generating supreme ROIs and provides holistic consultancy in your investment decisions).

Mariam Madhupurwala is an Award-winning Entrepreneur who is revolutionizing the real estate industry for women. Her goal is to redefine Real Estate investments for women. She has been operating as a Real Estate Investment Consultant for 7 years now!

Over the course of her career, she has held management positions with brands such as Abbott, PTCL, Forum Mall, GUINOT, Creek Marina, EMAAR & HMR. Her adventurous explorer spirit helped her immensely to understand the dynamics of different industries, from telecom to retail to the beauty industry and finally real estate.

Having worked with a variety of brands and partnerships, Mariam established her own real estate investment company called ‘Cloud9 Investments’ in August 2022. Her vision is to – ‘Create Real estate experiences worth talking about!’

We are honored to feature her as part of our “Women Who Inspire” series.

Here’s more from the powerhouse herself:

Mariam, how did you get started in the real estate industry?

I have always been a go-getter since childhood. Abundant thanks to my father who truly believed in me and gave me the best education and confidence to experiment with new ventures.

Ever since I completed my education, I wanted to do something exhilarating in my career. I didn’t want 5 stars on my resume, but I wanted to have that adrenalin rush in anything that I will later pursue.

From an intern in a reputed telecom organization to the CEO of Cloud9, it was a roller coaster ride. Worked with all top brands Alhumdulillah from Telecom to Health to Retail to FMCG to Beauty industry and finally landed into the real estate sector by sheer luck and Bingo! That’s when I finally decided, this is for me.

I kid you not when I did my first closing the thrill, I felt was something I was looking forward to for so many years. When I’m able to find my clients their dream homes and when my investors make huge ROIs that’s where I win.

Our USP is very simple “To Get Your Financial Attitude High”.

Thereby we want to create real estate experiences that are worth talking about and the talk of the town. We get results by putting relationships first, taking ownership, staying grateful & making sure to get the clients the best there is in the market, so by the time they close the deal they are so happy and ecstatic that they feel they are on a Cloud9.

What inspired you to become a realtor?

Clients wanted understanding, compassion, and a strong negotiator, and these qualities are profoundly present in all women it’s just that it had to be highlighted and promoted to the surrounding people in the business. When I started my career in real estate 7 years back there were a handful of women in this sector which made me more adamant to create a niche for other women to follow. Someone had to step up and bring the revolution for women in this industry, in Pakistan. I am glad I was able to do it and have inspired several realtors in the process.

The amount of immense support from my family, my husband, and my mentor made me dig deeper and make my name in this male-dominated industry.

What challenges did you face while setting up your career in the real estate industry and what steps did you take to overcome them?

It took some serious hard work and dedication to learn the gimmicks of this industry and I kept moving forward with my head and spirits held high.

Leg pulling, was something very common, “Aapsay na hou payega” use to cross my ears regularly. I was always sure of myself and my capabilities and knew deeply this industry is for me and I must make a mark and set a benchmark for other women.

But boy I had to make everyone understand it’s not a hobby that I have opted for it’s a serious business and I’m here to make money! Period.

People initially didn’t take a Woman Realtor seriously back then, but I was persistent to get the best out of the worst. Gradually, with successful allies & partnerships, I made my presence strong and slowly all the negativity and bias vanished.

Clients’ happiness- the contentment I see once they buy their dream home is simply awesome!

What is the scope of the real estate industry as a viable career option for Pakistani women?

Today more and more women are entering this industry firstly because you can make good money and get your finances sorted. Secondly, this work can be easily done from home and at your own leisure as you are your own boss and can earn as much as you desire.

What qualities does a successful realtor need to possess?

Honesty, Integrity & Consistency!

Cloud9 has some unique visions and will be coming up with Real Estate Club & Podcasts for Women where we plan to have exciting and lucrative options for not only women investors but women realtors too.

I love the ocean and the properties surrounding it so Cloud9 would be an international brand dealing in oceanfront projects outside Pakistan too.

Please share any advice for women entrepreneurs.

Dear Ladies! Get your Financial Attitude High, after Covid the entire world has changed and we women have yet again proved ourselves beautifully by managing all the things during that hard times. Let’s save and invest in land as the “Best investment on Earth is Earth.”

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