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How to choose the right VA for your business

There are countless activities in every business. Managing all the activities and tasks alone could overwhelm any business owner which results in low productivity levels. However, this problem can be easily resolved.

What does a virtual assistant mean?

Virtual assistants are highly skilled and qualified distant/remote workers who provide services ranging from accounting, and administration to digital marketing based on business needs.

They may either be experts in specific fields or offer a wide range of services. Regardless, they take responsibility for time-consuming/ operational tasks in order to direct an owner’s focus on growing his/her business

What does a virtual assistant do?

Here is a list of tasks a VA can do.

Administrative tasks

These tasks include answering phone calls, preparing and sending emails, scheduling appointments with clients, basic data entry, proofreading, and generating reports.

Research: Essential for growing a business

Without research on competitors and client trends, a business is unlikely to have an edge over others and grow.
Research is a very time-consuming task, and looking for reliable & relevant data can be a challenge. A virtual assistant can help compile data a manager would need for analysis and strategic purposes which not only saves time looking for data but also for ensuring the data is based on reliable resources.

Content Creation

Companies write/design material to survive in this digital world. It attracts users online and gives them more incentive to take an interest in the company. A VA has the ability to examine a specific subject, develop a strategy, and in order to move on to execution. Content can be in the form of blogs, SEO articles, and graphics

Digital Marketing

You can have great plans for your business because the first step is to have an online presence with an appealing/user-friendly website, and social media pages. It would serve as a corporate profile and allow people to stay up to date about plans/services/products. A virtual assistant can be hired with experience in Digital Marketing as a whole or it can be a group of people who can be assigned different tasks Such as SEO Specialist, Media Buyer, Social Media Manager, Graphic Designer, Web/App Development, Email Marketing Specialist or Graphic Designer/Animator/Video Editor/Web Designer.

Customer Services

Responding to customers’ queries can take up many hours, their questions are never-ending. Virtual assistants can perform these tasks by professionally listening to the customers and responding to each of their questions until the customers are satisfied. They can engage with the customers through social media and increase the number of followers.

Reasons why you should hire a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a full-time worker can be expensive, not only in terms of wages but also other expenses, like taxes, medical benefits, training costs, etc. While hiring a VA you just pay for a specific task and hire them back when you need another task to carry out.

Cost-effective team

Hiring a full-time worker can be expensive – not only in terms of wages but also other expenses such as taxes, medical benefits, training costs, etc. While hiring a VA you only have to pay for a specific task and rehire them when you need another task completed.

Increase Efficiency:

You can easily hire multiple assistants for different tasks according to their skills. You can get more work done in less time

Worldwide Hire Option:

You can access the best talent from all over the world in your budget and according to your mindset

Gain time for strategic thinking:

While a VA can conduct your non-essential activities, you can have more time to focus on growing your business. Instead of spending time on minor tasks, you can put your time into long-term success.

Reducing variable and fixed costs:

In addition to labor costs, many other fixed and variable costs exist. As Virtual assistants work remotely, you do not have to rent a space, buy furniture and pay utility bills and other preliminary expenses.

Fewer Responsibilities:

An entrepreneur cannot be a master at every task, by hiring a virtual assistant his workload can be divided, a VA can handle emails, online marketing, market research, etc.

Non-political work:

Physical offices are full of gossip and politics. While working with virtual assistants there are no standing nearby coffee dispensers and gossiping about other workers which leads to demotivation and jealousy in other employees.
VAs are better at time management:
VAs don’t tend to delay their work in order to complete their office hours, they try to finish up their task as soon as possible in order to take up other tasks.

Focusing on your health:

Hiring a virtual assistant for your work can be of great relief as they carry out tasks and you get time to take care of yourself.
If you do not take care of your health you won’t be able to think efficiently for your business’ growth.

Things to consider before hiring a VA

You need an individual with practical experience in the required area.  What do you expect from a VA: List the tasks you want your VA to accomplish. Record things you don’t have time to do or find boring to do

What do you expect from a VA:

make a list of tasks you want your VA to complete. Note down the things you don’t have time for doing or you find boring to do. When you have written down a set of duties your virtual assistant needs to do, you will be able to find the right person with the right knowledge for your organization.

What skills you are looking for:

Ask them about their skills, strengths, and weaknesses as a virtual assistant, and their hours of work; are they right for you?
During the interview, refer to the list you have drawn up.
Take a close look at the job prospects of candidates; this will give you an idea of whether they have meaningful information and experience or not.

Communication skills:

While hiring a virtual assistant for your company, you need to see if they can communicate efficiently or not.
A personal assistant can come into your room at any time and ask for anything, but a virtual assistant should know how to contact you by phone to resolve the matter. Even hiring a VA for a customer support service needs excellent communication skills, you can give him an example of a situation and ask to resolve the problem.

Decide the location:

You will easily find a virtual wizard in any Third World country at very low rates, but if your time zones do not match?
You need to choose the location you want your VA to work remotely for you so that you are both available at the same time.

Request referrals:

You can request referrals or testimonials from former employers to verify the individual’s skills and knowledge.

Go for trial Period:

Hire a VA for a trial period, say for a month, and start with the simple and small tasks. Check their communication style, their behavior towards you, and so on. And if you get along, engage him/her on bigger projects.

Search for someone willing to learn:

You may not always need to hire someone with years of experience. A similarly less experienced individual can likewise work hard as long as he/she has the assurance to learn. You can train that person according to your expectations.

Hire someone who makes suggestions:

Professional virtual assistants trust their abilities and share their ideas based on their experience which helps a business grow.

Have a face-to-face meeting:

You can also have a face-to-face meeting before hiring a virtual assistant for your business. If not a physical meeting, then opt for a video call and observe their facial expressions or body language, as they tell a lot about one’s personality.

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