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Womenza – Empowering  Women

Compiled by Pirah Aijaz 

Aiman Sami is the Founder of the Platform “Womenza Pakistan”, which promotes and supports women Entrepreneurs to help them grow their home-based businesses. Aiman’s vision is to empower women by providing them with a fair platform where they meet actual buyers. She has worked hard to improve the lives of many Pakistani women by introducing them to the right channels and training them to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs.

Aiman is doing a commendable job. Her platform is a valuable source for women entrepreneurs to get their businesses recognized and evolve into profit-generating entities.
Let’s hear about this inspiring woman’s journey:

Womenza Pakistan is a Community where you promote, support, and highlight women entrepreneurs across the globe. Tell us, how you got started.

Womenza Pakistan was founded on 28th April 2017. At the time, there was hardly any support group where Pakistani women entrepreneurs or small business owners could seek ways to grow their businesses. That was my observation which helped me to take this initiative.

We extended our support to women-led businesses and tried to help them out, by holding counseling and business-related sessions including, some on business ethics and others to help and educate them about business essentials. Through our platform, we supported, promoted, and highlighted many women entrepreneurs and now we are a community of more than 42k members. That’s how I started Womenza Pakistan to uplift women entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

What inspired you to work for women’s empowerment?

It was my mother who inspired me. She always helped and supported women, and despite being a housewife, she counseled women in her circle. She believed that all women should be professionally educated and financially independent. When I was young, watching my mother’s efforts motivated me. So I set out, to do something that empowered women in a meaningful way. She has been the source of my inspiration, all along, to work for women’s empowerment.

How has your experience been, supporting women in a culturally backward environment?

I faced many challenges. When people saw my work, they bullied me and started questioning me by saying that “Yeh kyun kar rahi ho? Husband kharcha nahin deta kia? Is se kia hoga har waqt mobile me lagi rahogi to ghar kaise sambhalo gi? Sadly, there are many people who never miss the opportunity to let women, down. In spite of all this, I never gave up and continued to struggle because I was focused on my vision of supporting women, who were running home-based businesses and on providing them with a platform, where they could get opportunities to meet actual buyers. The motto was to help them become self-sufficient members of society.

What are some of the major challenges you think women with small-scale setups face?

What I have observed is that women are facing a lot of issues while setting up and managing their home-based businesses. However, there are some major problems they have been facing, such as; a lack of capital, lack of family support, and not knowing how to use the various social media platforms to effectively promote their businesses. Womenza Pakistan helps them to overcome these challenges and provides them with opportunities to run their businesses more efficiently.

What was the toughest lesson you learned in life?

I believe that there is a lesson in every step you take. The toughest lesson for me that I learned is not just to understand what people say, but also try to understand their silence. This has taught me that as a professional you should never leave your brand at any cost. It’s just like your baby. You should give it your best shot and protect it from anything and anyone who might want to hurt it or take advantage of it. And never give up. It doesn’t matter that you have failed in the past, don’t be afraid to try again.

What are the three most effective ways women can support other women?

I believe that women can support each other by extending moral support, uplifting and motivating one another to keep going and creating an ultimate sisterhood.

What is the One quality you feel, helping you the most as an Entrepreneur?

My friendly, humble nature helped me the most as an Entrepreneur. It helps me to build strong bonds and a network within the women’s community, which in turn keeps me motivated to achieve my goals and increases my productivity.

Where do you see Womenza 10 years from now?

In next 10 years, Womenza Pakistan will be a huge platform for women-led businesses where they can get unlimited opportunities to grow their businesses. The platform will have a proper website and mobile application where our registered women sellers can buy, sell, and grow their network. Also, we plan to have collaborations with both national and international brands.

What advice would you like to give to women entrepreneurs?

Everyone is their own version of success. What matters is that you know what it takes to overcome the obstacles you encounter, and take pride in your accomplishments – be consistent and proud of yourself for whatever you are doing.

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